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Hi Friends,

Here I have posted the code for auto comments by amending Editor Scripts class.

Adding auto script CODE comments
// Changes: XYZ to your intial name
public void addCommentsCODE(Editor _e)
int startLine = _e.selectionStartLine();
int endLine = _e.selectionEndLine();
str prefixCompany = “CONTOSO”;
str developerID;
str tagStart;
str tagEnd;

switch (curUserId())
case “vasan”: developerID = “Vasanth”;
case “steve”: developerID = “Steven”;
developerID = “XYZ”;

tagStart = strFmt(“//–> %1 modified on %2 %3 by %4: %5 ~ mod description\n”,
date2str(today(), 321, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4), time2str(timeNow(), 1, 1),
tagEnd = strfmt(“//<– by %1\n”, prefixCompany);




Once done, got to code window, right click -> scripts -> you find the method created. Hope it will help you.

// Vasanth Arivali


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